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We host some of the smartest minds in business

We regularly bring on some of the sharpest minds in business covering all areas from finances, team culture, marketing and more.

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Stage Of Your Practice
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Area Of Focus
23 MIN

Episode 244 | Integrating Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Into Your Practice with Christopher Brown

21 MIN

Episode 243 | How to Instill Clinical Confidence in Your Therapists with Shannon Heers

26 MIN

Episode 242 | All Things Medicare: Credentialing, Billing, and Audit Proof Documentation with Gabrielle Juliano-Villani

11 MIN

Episode 241 | What Does It Mean to Be a Visionary Group Practice Owner?

34 MIN

Episode 240 | Leveraging Kolbe A™ Index for Enhanced Team Dynamics with Niki Ramirez

15 MIN

Episode 239 | From Goals to Action: Structuring Leadership Meetings for Tangible Results

30 MIN

Episode 238 | Implementing The Accountability Equation™ with Abby Morgan

11 MIN

Episode 237 | The First Steps to Accountability Mastery

26 MIN

Episode 236 | Why Your Outward Achievements Don’t Soothe Inner Emptiness with Kasey Compton

15 MIN

Episode 235 | The Top 10 Mistakes That I’ve Made as a Group Practice Owner

17 MIN

Episode 234 | Transforming Out-of-Network Therapy Reimbursements with Mentaya

13 MIN

Episode 233 | Lead The Way In Group Practice Innovation as a Visionary

29 MIN

Episode 232 | Navigating Subpoenas and Testimony in Mental Health Care with Tracy Masiello

18 MIN

Episode 231 | Going Beyond Therapy

19 MIN

Episode 230 | Personalizing Benefits to Meet Employees’ Unique Needs with Courtenay Shipley

11 MIN

Episode 229 | Optimizing Your Team: Part-Time and Full-Time Therapist Considerations

15 MIN

Episode 228 | Beyond Coverage: Exploring the Influence of Insurance Companies in Group Practices

10 MIN

Episode 227 | How Can You Differentiate Your Group Practice in a Crowded Marketplace?

24 MIN

Episode 226 | The Role of Anti-Oppression in Group Practice Accountability with Dr. Nathalie Edmond

20 MIN

Episode 225 | Leveraging Grants for Sustainable Practice Expansion with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo

11 MIN

Episode 224 | The 5 A’s of Accountability: Action

Meet your host


Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here:


The show

The podcast is structured so that you get practice building tips in small doses, where an episode can be listened to (and a group practice building lesson can be learned) in a single car ride.

Episodes are structured into categories: coaching sessions where I coach a group practice owner on a specific topic, tips of the day by yours truly, real talk where you get to be a fly on the wall while an established group practice owner and I talk about the highs and lows of ownership, and trainings done by experts in the field.

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