The Group Practice Exchange grew out of my own experience in not only starting my private practice, but also growing it into a successful group practice.

I had spent a countless amount of hours researching how to start a private practice (the legal and procedural steps) and then many more hours learning how to grow it into a group (again trying to figure out the appropriate steps). I remember wishing there was a place that I could go to, or a book that I could read, that would explain not only the steps it would take to launch a group practice, but also discuss topics that relate to group practice ownership.

If you received a degree in the social service field like I did, you didn’t get any training in running a business. Instead, through trial and error, I learned what works and what doesn’t in running a counseling group practice. I thoroughly enjoy helping others reach this place, in which clinicians feel confident in running their business, and am hopeful that The Group Practice Exchange can become the platform for you to learn how to grow a group practice and become a confident and organized business owner.

Maureen Werrbach, LCPC

Group Practice Owner | Group Practice Coach