In this episode we’re going to be talking about hiring clinicians for your group practice: the when’s, the who’s, the where’s and the how’s.

When to hire:

When is it time to hire a new clinician?

  1. Priorities: do you have the time and resources to help onboard a new clinician?
  2. How full is your solo practice right now? How full are your current clinicians( if you’re a new or smaller group practice)? If your practice is not at least 75% full, I suggest waiting.

Who to hire:

Who is your ideal clinician?

  1. Do you want fully licensed, independent clinicians, pre-licensed clinicians, or interns? Or any of the above?
  2. Specific specialties or trainings are important to think about. Listen to your community, and what they need.
  3. Personality characteristics: it’s important to have clinicians in your practice that will fit & connect with your and your other clinicians.
  4. Other needs you have for them: are you expecting them to market, or do groups or speaking engagements, etc.? Be sure to list that out in your ad.
  5. What days or hours do you need them to work?

Where to advertise:

Where do you find your ideal therapists?

  1. Online: Psychtoday, post on Facebook, make facebook ads, have a tab on your website, post on job sites like Indeed or Monster, LinkedIn, Craigslist, local Yahoo listserv.
  2. Ask colleagues.
  3. Google what you want your ideal clinician to google, and advertise on the top sights that come up.

How to Interview:

People are applying, now what do you do?

  1. Discard any resumes that don’t meet your minimum requirements.
  2. Contact those who are interested & meet your requirements, and set up an interview.
  3. Set up an interview in three phases: phone interview, in-person interview, final interview.
  4. Phone interview will be to just verify that minimum requirements will be met, before spending any time on a formal interview. Do they have good conversation skills?
  5. In person interview: if you have a supervisor or clinical director, have them conduct this interview.
  6. If you don’t have a supervisor or clinical director, phase two will be an interview with you. Phase three will be another interview with other clinicians that you already have.
  7. When the supervisor or clinical director feels good about the candidate, they will pass them on to you for a final interview.
  8. During this time do background checks, check references, etc.
Episode 34: [Tip of the Day] Hiring Clinicians

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