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Episode 204 | Masterminds and Collaboration with Casey Gromer

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WITH Casey Gromer

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Hey Group Practice! Do you believe that support is an essential part of success? We present to you masterminding! It is a collaboration that helps you in numerous ways to get ahead! 

Our guest host, Casey Gromer, will be discussing masterminding! She is the integrator for the Group Practice Exchange and the Female Founders Breaking Boundaries podcast host. She will narrow down the essence and benefits of masterminding and give us a sneak peek of 2023 offers from TGPE!

Episode Highlights:

  • Who suggested the idea and importance of collaboration? 
  • How can the Group Practice Exchange Mastermind be an opportunity to dig deeper? 
  • What will be the set up for this upcoming program? 
  • Why is masterminding a helpful way to success? 
  • What are other exciting details for the Group Practice Exchange Mastermind program

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Maureen Werrbach

Hello Group practice owners and welcome to a new episode of the Group Practice Exchange Podcast. I’m Casey Grower and I am guest hosting Today I am the integrator for the Group Practice Exchange. You may have heard me on the podcast before. Or you may have attended the delegation workshop that I co-hosted with Marine, or we could have interacted in the exchange membership, and if we haven’t met before, hello and welcome and I’m so glad you’re tuning in today.

Today’s podcast episode is going to be all about masterminding. We’re going to be talking about what masterminds are. And what the benefits of masterminds are. And this episode is all about collaboration, peer advisory, and support. And I’m kind of gonna be teeing up some brand new programs that we are launching in 2023 that you are going to want to pay attention to and hear all about.

So in. You are not familiar with the term Mastermind. We are going to start from the beginning. Now, first of all, over the years, thousands of group practice owners have joined us at the group practice exchange for course coaching. Maybe they’ve taken one of our group programs or they are members of the exchange platform, and across all of those thousands of group practice owners, we have.

Seen and heard a consistent theme coming from all of you about what’s important to you and what you are needing in terms of support in your practice right now, and that. The theme is collaboration. You are telling us that it is really important to you to network and learn from others, and that is actually what a Mastermind is all about.

And so we have been working hard over the last several months to create a new program called the Group Practice Exchange Mastermind. This is exactly what it’s for, is to give you more opportunities to dig deep with other group practice owners. Now, as a member of the Exchange, some of you listening right now may already be members of the Exchange, and if you are not a member of the Exchange, There is a bunch of collaboration that happens in that membership, whether it’s in the membership itself, on some of the q and a calls that we host in some of the master classes or within the Facebook group that you get with your membership, but it just doesn’t go quite deep enough into the level of getting that really.

Deep support and so a mastermind is a group of peers that meet and give each other advice and support. And that’s what you’re gonna be getting when you join the Group Practice Exchange Masterminds. Now let’s talk a little bit about what our T G P E Mastermind groups are going to look like. I bet you have some questions.

First of all, the mastermind groups. Each of them is going to have about six to seven group practice owner members. These members are going to be paired together based on where you are at. In your practice right now, so we’re going to try to pair people who have a similar size of practice, similar goals and aspirations of where you’re headed with your practice, and possibly similar revenue sizes, because all of those things are going to impact what stage, what issues, and what goals you have in your practice.

The mastermind groups are going to be a six-month commitment. And this is really important to note because when you join a mastermind group, you are both getting and receiving support from other group practice owners. So when you join a mastermind group, you have to be committed so that those other Mastermind members are getting what they paid for.

So you can. Rely on and be confident that your peer Mastermind members are going to show up for you when you need them as well. What else is included when you join a group practice exchange Mastermind? Well, the first thing that we decided when we were creating these mastermind groups is that they needed to be professionally facilitated.

We have tested and we have tried. Pairing group practice owners together into accountability groups, and worked okay. But one of the things that we were hearing from those members is that organizing and structuring and coordinating the calls was a lot of work. And we get it. It is. And so all of these mastermind groups are going to be formally facilitated by someone else.

And who is going to schedule the calls is going to handle all of the administrative, is going to come up with the agenda, is going to take the notes, and is going to follow up with you? So that takes all of that stress and time off of your plate. There are two calls. Every month that is 90 minutes long.

And in those calls, you are gonna work on goal setting, you’re going to have accountability. There’s going to be an opportunity for each of you as members to have what we are calling a hot seat. Which is an opportunity for you to bring a real-time issue or obstacle or question or something to the table that you need solved or you need help deciding the next steps, or you need support on or advice from the other group members.

You are going to have access to all of the tools and resources that are currently being used at urban wellness. They have built Marines seven-plus figures for location group practice in the Chicago area. Many of these tools are going to be based on e OS or entrepreneurial operating system, which is getting really popular right now.

We’ve been talking about that quite a bit. You’re also going to have networking and relationship building with your other mastermind members. And then also there’s collaboration in between the calls, so you don’t necessarily have to wait until the next call to ask a question, to get advice, to get help and support making decision,s or to interact.

We will have a platform that is not Facebook, a platform for you to interact with your other group members and stay in connection with them between calls. And finally, all T G P E Mastermind members are going to get free access to the exchange membership. So all of the resources that are available, members of the exchange are going to be comped for you.

So you’ll get a login and you can enjoy all of the documents, courses, calls, and materials, and you can join Facebook. And that’s all included in the Masterminds. Why are we masterminding? Why is this program a focus for us in why is this program a focus for us in 2023? Mastermind groups have been around for a really long time.

In fact, some of the biggest and most successful. Companies, including Andrew Carnegie of the Industrial Revolution, used masterminds to catapult their businesses faster and easier than they could have ever done alone. In fact, I like to consider masterminds like your advisory board, so, Here are some of the things that you are gonna get when you join a mastermind.

You are going to get focused, so a lot of us have trouble setting goals, for example, or if you don’t have trouble setting goals. Sometimes we have trouble setting the right goals. In fact, we are watching some of our group practice owner colleagues who are feeling stressed out and overwhelmed and buried in.

Very administrative day-to-day operational tasks, and while it’s important to get these tasks done if you have goals of building and growing group practice, you have to take yourself out of that administrative mess and put yourself into the tasks that are going to be most important. The activities are gonna be most important for you to actually grow and scale the practice with your mastermind peers.

Are going to help you stay focused on those more important tasks? So you’re gonna do more of the right things. You’re also gonna get things done faster because accountability is involved. So you’re coming to your mastermind, you’re setting goals, and your peers are holding you accountable to getting those things done on a weekly basis.

You are gonna be able to make better decisions more easily because you’re gonna have a network of people to bounce your ideas off of to help you think about and give you advice on any issues that you’re dealing with in your practice so that you can make good decisions and you can actually follow through on solving.

You’ll be able to learn from others so you can share what’s been working for you. Others can share what’s working for them, and in the same respect, you can share what’s not working and others can share what’s not working. So it saves you the time and energy of having to go through the motions of trying and experimenting with all of those things yourself.

You will be able to bounce your ideas around or get feedback or discuss things with your peers throughout the six months so that you don’t have to feel like you’re on an island alone trying to figure things out all by yourself. All of these things are going to lead to less stress and anxiety for you because we’re gonna be normalizing the challenges of owning a group practice.

You’re gonna be able to vent, you’re also gonna be supported. So not only do we want to get past the negative things that are happening in the practice, but we also want to celebrate the wins and the things that we’re accomplishing because we find that these are things that we don’t do often. And finally, you are going to get access to an entire network of resources outside of your own.

So you might be able to network with your mastermind members to figure it out. Providers for services like marketing or administrative or assistance or other types of things that you can need support with that you may not know or have in your own network. So we are launching Masterminds in January 2023, and we would love to have you join us.

Our first round of masterminds, and to find more information about the T G P E Masterminds and how to apply to become a member, you can visit the group practice on the main header up at the top. Click on work with us and scroll down to Masterminds. And there you will. All of the information about how to apply and what is included in your T G P E Masterminds.

And of course, if you are a member of the exchange, you will get a discount on the T G P E Masterminds, and any questions you can sure post them in the group and we will respond to you as quickly as we are able. Thanks for listening to the Group Practice Exchange Podcast. Like what you heard. Give us five stars on whatever platform you’re listening from.

Need extra support. Join the exchange, a membership community just for group practice owners with monthly office hours, live webinars, and a library of training ready for you to dive into. Visit See you next week.

Thanks For Listening

Thanks for listening to the group practice exchange podcast. Like what you heard? Give us five stars on whatever platform you’re listening from. Need extra suppor? Join The Exchange, a membership community just for group practice owners with monthly office hours, live webinars, and a library of trainings ready for you to dive into visit www dot members dot the group practice exchange dot com forward slash exchange. See you next week.


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