Episode 17 | How Big is Too Big? An Interview With Group Practice Owner Jeremy Sharp

In today’s episode, I talk to Colorado Center for Assessment and Counseling group practice owner, Jeremy Sharp. His question is all about “How big is too big?” with regards to keeping the culture of the group practice family-like and close knit.

Things we discuss are:

  • How many therapists is too many when trying to keep a family style culture?
  • How much is too much growth with regards to office size? Is it too risky to expand by doubling your office space?
  • How many hours should we work clinically as business owners in order to have the time to connect with our therapists?
  • Delegating administrative tasks to free up time to connect with therapists.
  • How to give personal attention to clinicians (supervision, meetings, etc.)
  • Tightening processes in your group practice in order to have more time for therapists.
  • Communication with therapists-is your communication with your staff is all about work related questions or is there connection building communication?
Episode 17 | How Big Is Too Big?

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