In today’s podcast, I take a TGPE member’s question. Audrey Grunst, owner of Simply Bee in IL asks:

Why is a brand is important?

Here’s what I talk about:

 1. A brand makes you memorable.

Helps you stand out in the crowd. Think of Tiffany Co-that little blue box everyone knows what it is. Good ex is Katie May’s Creative Healing-colors purple throughout her website, even her hair, fun fonts, the focus on being a teen center, DBT informed, Facebook posts and images all speak to her brand.

2. Increases the like, know, trust factor.

Branding is consistency. Consistency helps people remember who you are. And the more they see of you the more likely they are to trust you, the more likely they are to schedule with you.

3. It gives your potential clients an impression of your group practice.

A sort of what to expect. Most of us would agree we wouldn’t want to startle or confuse a new client walking into a bright, colorful floral office when our website and marketing materials give off a sleek, modern black and white color scheme vibe.

4. It helps you-and your potential clients know the kind of therapists you employ.

This is important. Often, new group practice owners sort of in a laze fair way hire clinicians who don’t fit into the overall vision of the practice. Potential clients expect to be able to decipher based off of your branding who your therapists are likely like.

Would a potential client be turned off or confused if your marketing materials and website gave a colorful, fun, “we’re gonna have fun in our sessions” look, and when they walked into the office they got a boring office and unremarkably not fun therapist?

My guess is that if they scheduled the appointment based on the website, they are wanting what they are seeing on the website.


Whether you know it or not, you already have a brand. Its built into your business and its how people see your group practice. Take a look at, or start thinking about what your group practice’s values are.

This should be woven into your brand.

Other obvious things are colors, fonts, logos, taglines, mission or vision statements, office decor, etc. Think about the people you hire or want to hire. What they bring to your practice is vital to the values and overall image of your group-this is your brand.
Episode 42: [Tip of the Day] Why is a Brand Important?

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