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Episode 14 | Best Practice Ideas for Keeping Clinicians Happy



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In today’s episode, I explore ways to ensure that clinicians are happy working at your practice (at least what is within your control!).  A topic that comes up often for group practice owners is how to keep retention rates of clinicians up and how to make sure that they stay as long as possible. Here’s what I see as important factors to consider:

  1. Compensation: I discuss the different pay structures for clinicians (most common are a percentage, flat rate, graduated percentage, salary).
  2. Incentives: I also discuss different incentives you can offer above and beyond counseling session compensation. Want to invest in their future? Offer company matched retirement account. Want to offer compensation for going above and beyond? Bonuses.
  3. What do you offer? Are you offering more than other practices? Supervision, staff meetings, the ability for professional growth, ability to use creative juices, groups, workshops, speaking engagements? What else do they get from your group practice besides a paycheck?
  4.  Engagement: How we talk to our clinicians go a long way. As does the things we don’t say. I talk about how I engage each day with my clinicians, checking in to see how they are, asking about things they need, celebrating birthdays and workiversaries.

What else do you find important to keeping your clinicians happy?

Take a listen!

Episode 14 | Best Practice Ideas for Keeping Clinicians Happy

Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here: LEARN MORE HERE


Maureen Werrbach

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Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here:


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