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Episode 132 | Practice Management for the ADHD Entrepreneur with Amber Hawley

Episode 132 |  Practice Management for the ADHD Entrepreneur with Amber Hawley

WITH Amber Hawley

  • Episode 132 | Practice Management for the ADHD Entrepreneur with Amber Hawley 00:00


ADHD Entrepreneur with Amber Hawley

Hi Group Practice Listeners! In this episode, you’re getting a clip from the Practice Management for the ADHD Entrepreneur training given by Amber Halwey in my membership program.

In this episode I cover:

  • what body doubling is
  • what co-working is
  • why they help

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Maureen Werrbach

Are you an entrepreneur with ADHD? We recently did a training in The Exchange membership community with expert Amber Hawley who’s also someone who has ADHD. She did a training on being an entrepreneur with ADHD and give a ton of helpful tips on how to navigate the world of being an entrepreneur who has a lot of shit going on and a lot of things that they have to do, while also having ADHD. And how to harness even some of your ADHD-ness to be more productive. So I’m going to share a clip from that training. And I want to know what you think.

She talks about in this clip, body doubling and co-working. And you’ll hear in the clip, I confuse the two because they seem very similar. But essentially, body doubling is where someone sits with someone else that has ADHD, and they tackle tasks that might normally be difficult to complete alone.

That’s body doubling, whereas coworking is where you might be working side by side or in a virtual world now through zoom, where each person is doing their own work, but they sort of have an accountability partner of sorts.

So she’s gonna be talking about that and giving some really helpful tips about co-working and body doubling.

Amber Hawley

So for the things that you have to do, or the things that you know, like, you know, I want to do these things, these projects, my guess is, if you are in the ADHD tribe here, you probably have many ideas about either other product streams, or businesses or programs you’d like to launch or groups you’d like to do so many things, you know, all the things.

So what do you how do you get those things done?

One thing you may or may not have heard about this is body doubling. I didn’t know this was a thing because like I said, I hadn’t been diagnosed, I really didn’t know much about adult ADHD and how that looked. But what I knew was even the act of having somebody sit there in, be in my office, be in my home, wherever I was, and just sit there a made me focus, and I would get stuff done. So really understanding that, that that is an actual thing for ADHD. That’s another reason why hiring somebody can be really helpful.

I recently just hired a home organizer. If you know me, I like I said, I’m a little OCD. I have everything labeled, everything has a home, it’s perfect, except inevitably there were always a space or two in my house. And now my house is my office, right? That was a shit show. And for me, I could show you pictures of the paperwork. I had these giant boxes of like paperwork and notebooks and crap and everything and it was just I just would never want to do it but it stressed me out looking at it. And that’s another thing is like your environment should be really, you know, clutter-free and organized because that helps you be more productive. I had to hire somebody. I worked my ass off while she was here. But just the fact that I hired her and paid a lot of money. She did it. But I also did it. And I was like, I am going to focus because she’s here. And it was so helpful. It’s just that great reminder of how much we need to be doing that.

Maureen Werrbach

Oh wow I’ve been doing that. And it actually works didn’t realize it was a thing. And as you were saying, I was like, what is body doubling? As soon as you said that, I was like, so true, which is why I love co-working with people. Like, yes, I don’t need to talk to you, but it just be next to me, you do your work, and I’ll do mine. And I tend to be like, so onpoint.

Amber Hawley

Exactly. And so body doubling and co working are a little bit different. So there were times there’s some a little bit different.

Maureen Werrbach

Oh I just realized you have that is the second thing.

Amber Hawley

Yeah, no, I love that. So I would sometimes have my intake coordinator come sit in my office. And then she would be like, Oh, you know, like, I sent you a couple emails, and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, whatever. And I was like, okay, I had her sit there and do her thing, while I like, actually responded to her emails, or did the things I need to do.

This is where I also learned and I will say the transition to online therapy has helped us immensely. I am notoriously terrible. My clients love me, and they think I’m great. However, they know that if I say oh, I’ll send you that XYZ resource, there is a 50 chance they won’t get it by the next session. What that’s me, too, it’s so bad. And I feel like shit, and I would dread the session. And I felt like I let them down. And then I was like, stop offering additional reality.

Maureen Werrbach

That’s how I feel in the practice exchange. I’m like oh I’ll send you that template. Or I often do that. I’ll give you that resource. And then I forget, and I’m, and then I try to think three days later, who’s the person even asked for it?

Amber Hawley

I know, there are times where that happens. So I feel terrible. And they, you know, they gave me grace, thank god and but at the same time, what I have learned is, I now do it in session, I literally will take the time out of their sessions. They let me just do right here, boom. And if I don’t have it readily available, this always was the thing too. I also there was part of me that was resistant to like, passing off more to Joanna. That’s my intake person who I couldn’t say, I’m just obsessed with her but, but it was like she’s there to do that. She doesn’t take it as me being like, rude or demanding or whatever. So if I couldn’t do it in the moment, I would be like on voxer Hey, Joanna, can you send yada yada blah, blah, blah, right?

So like there, you got to learn to work with yourself and how you work. Having somebody just in the room makes a difference. So coworking I love. I have been doing this for years now. And it really is effective.

Actually Maureen and I did it recently. Where you go with somebody, you can do it in person, or virtually, I’ve done both. So I’ve actually hosted co working sessions virtually. And they’re very effective. And I’ve participated in them as a writer, like, you know, who’s trying to write a book. But Maureen and I did it where we were working on our own projects, there’s no shared project. But we were sitting together and like being together, and it’s kind of like that body doubling thing.

Like I said, it can be virtual, it can be anything, it is kind of nice if you’re working on similar task. So like, let’s say you have to do like catch up on notes. Because let’s face it, you do. I’m looking at, you know, if you guys say okay, like this Friday, let’s meet from 11 to 12. And we’re just going to work on our notes. That is that is the purpose, you have a focus, this is what you’re going to do, and you guys do it together. But obviously you’re not sharing information you’re talking to, you know, it’s just there.

But it is nice, because it says feel social, kind of going along with that is the Pomodoro method, you can do that by yourself or with somebody, I will say I am not a great accountability partner for myself.

So I do need somebody else where the Pomodoro method and you can look it up is where you have you have a timer and you sit and focus on one task for 25 minutes, and then take a five minute break. And you do 25 minutes five minute break. And then if you do longer sessions, you add him like there’s like a 20 minute break and then you keep doing it. It is amazing. What can be done in this kind of goes back to do you have this you know fallacy that you have to work seven hours, eight hours a day, on all the other tasks. And again, I’m not talking about client sessions, but I’m talking about all this other stuff we have to do. When you focus like that. It’s amazing what you can get done.

Maureen Werrbach

So what did you guys think? I amber just has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to managing your ADHD as an entrepreneur and has a great site called my biz bestie.com. So mybizbestie.com where she helps support people who are women entrepreneurs, and every once in a while and I think she’s got it going on right now. She hosts workshops and you know groups for at entrepreneurs and so if you’re a business owner, but you obviously are if you’re listening to this, but you have ADHD and need support around just the management of your ADHD and how to be a better entrepreneur, while also having ADHD, be sure to check out her website because she gets a ton of good tips and feedback.

She also has a podcast called the My Biz Bestie Podcast, where she talks about all the things entrepreneurial. And obviously, as you can tell from the excerpt that you just heard, she’s super engaging and will keep you entertained for hours on end, so be sure to check her out and let me know how you are managing your ADHD as an entrepreneur. I’d love to hear what tips or tricks you have that work for you. Thanks for listening to the group practice exchange podcast.

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