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Need a simplified checklist for starting a group practice?


Need a simplified checklist for starting a group practice?

Group practice checklist alert!

Hey practice builders! I hear so often that practice owners looking to expand have no idea where to start, what things to think about when growing. So, I decided to come up with a super simple checklist to get your wheels turning. Of course, this is super simplified, but it’s a great starting point for those of you looking for guidance on where to start, what to think about. It’s important to note that there are so many ways to set up your group practice depending on your long term goals for your business, which is so great! If you have questions about where to start or how to bring your vision to fruition, email me at [email protected].

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Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here: LEARN MORE HERE


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