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Things to ask your accountant


Loving your accountant? I certainly am! But it wasn’t always so. You see, I went through two accountants before I realized what I could actually ask for and have with an accountant. If you are not coming from a family of businesspeople or have an MBA or business training, it’s likely that you don’t realize all that the people who help your business can do for you.

So, I want to talk to you about accountants. Did you know that accountants can have different certifications, licenses, and specialties? I didn’t! Not only that, I mixed what an accountant was with what a financial planner does and what a bookkeeper does. Do you know the difference?

Bookkeepers record daily transactions in an organized way.

Accountants use the information that bookkeepers log to produce financial documents like profit and loss statements.

Financial planners help with budgeting, investing and getting out of debt.

Some accounting firms can do all three. This is something you should ask your accountant. It’s sort of the best of all the worlds to have all three in one. No need for coordinating. Get all your sound advice from one person or company.

I’ve compiled a list of questions that I think are great starting points for most of us as group practice owners. Not all of them may be relevant to you, and in those cases, skip over them and know they are questions that are able to be asked! My goal is that you are able to have someone who really helps your business thrive, and that makes your business life easier. I’ve struggled with having an accountant who fits my needs, but not knowing really what I needed (only that what I had wasn’t what I wanted!), so my hope is that this document helps you! Check it out below!

Download the list of questions to ask your accountant here!

Things to ask your accountant

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