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Episode 37: Identifying Recruiting Strategies with Katie Vernoy

Episode 37:  Identifying Recruiting Strategies with Katie Vernoy


  • Episode 37: Identifying Recruiting Strategies with Katie Vernoy 00:00


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In this episode, I talk with Katie Vernoy of Evolve to Thrive about how to identify your group practices needs and how to identify a recruiting strategy. Some of the takeaways were:

  • Be a BOSS (be BOLD, OBJECTIVE, SELECTIVE, and STRATEGIC about your hiring process). I love this acronym!
  • Have a recruiting strategy that is organized, clear, and as automated and non-time consuming as possible. Listen to the podcast to learn more about the steps she recommends:
  1. Job description
  2. Job posting
  3. Phone/video screen (be sure to show the *warts of the job-aka be transparent about your needs, don’t be overly-flexible)
  4. In person interview
  5. Group interview

This episode is jam-packed with useful tidbits from Katie, and you’re sure to leave with a broader understanding of how to effectively and efficiently recruit new therapists and administrative staff. Take a listen!

Katie Vernoy

Katie Vernoy, LMFT, founded Evolve to Thrive Coaching and Consulting to support leaders, visionaries, and helping professionals create meaningful and SUSTAINABLE careers. Katie co-hosts The Modern Therapist’s Survival Guide podcast and provides workshops and conferences through Therapy Reimagined.
To learn more about Katie and her services you can reach her at www.katievernoy.com.

Episode 37: [Interview] Identifying Recruiting Strategies with Katie Vernoy

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Maureen Werrbach

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