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Episode 33: 5 Actionable Things to Do After a Clinician Leaves



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Episode 33 | 5 Actionable Things to Do After a Clinician Leaves

In this episode, we’re going talk about what you can do after a clinician, for whatever reason, leaves your group practice. I know practice owners often feel a punch to the gut, or fear or anger or sadness when this happens, so I’ve come up with 5 positive, actionable steps you can take. This way you can feel like you’re back on your way to your goal of having a full thriving group practice.

1). To start, give yourself a day for self-care

You have tomorrow, next week, next month, all this time to do the work you need to find a new therapist. Take one day at least to put it aside and take care of yourself. Go on a hike, hang out with a partner or friend, go shopping do yoga, whatever. Focus on you, and leave work and lost clinicians on the side.

2). Write down any lessons you learned

About yourself as a leader, about the clinicians you hired that didn’t work out. Just start jotting down some notes. Maybe you learned you need to hire someone who can work more hours, or that you need employees instead of independent contractors or vice versa. Write down your expectations. Maybe you realized you had some expectations that you didn’t verbalize or realize them until after the clinician was hired. Next time you can discuss these during the interview process. Write down any expectations the clinician had of you that you weren’t able to follow up on. Is there validity to it, how can you change your approach to them, etc.

3). Grab your job description + make any necessary revisions

Based off of what you came up with in step two, go back and update how you’re advertising for your open position. Also go through your contract to update anything that can make hiring and termination smoother, if there were problems, and update it if anything is missing that you think should be there.

4). Make alterations to your interview questions

Look at your interview questions + your journal from step two. Are there revelations you had or expectations that came up that are important to ask at that interview time? Put those in your interview questions.

5). Jump back in the saddle

Start interviewing people and don’t settle!
Episode 33: 5 Actionable Things to Do After a Clinician Leaves

Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here: LEARN MORE HERE


Maureen Werrbach

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Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here:


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