The Psychology Behind Your Business


What role are you playing in your success? Let’s unpack how past experiences might be holding you back in your business.

Therapists often think about how their clients’ personal relationships and life dynamics can relate to unresolved issues they’ve experienced during childhood. But what about us, as business owners?

I started thinking about how I may be repeating my responses to past, unresolved personal issues in my business. I wondered if it could somehow be holding me back.

In this workshop, you will explore with me how we can replicate in our business the same healthy dynamics we are working on in our personal lives, to show up, build authentic relationships with our team, and move forward with new perspectives to accomplish our business goals!

A workshop and workbook that’ll help you gain insight and guide you through a reflective and inspiring process.

  • Access prompts that can help you deep-dive into how your role can impact your team
  • Reflect on insightful questions and take part in thought-provoking exercises
  • Identify key issues that you may be replicating in your business
  • Learn how to distinctly separate your personal history from your business
  • Learn organizational development tips and strategies to help create your action plan
  • Effectively write out your goals to replicate what you want, in your business!

Reflecting on how your past may have influenced your business decisions, can take a lot of energy. It’s not something that can be done overnight (as much as anyone would want it to)!

Unpack and show up more powerfully in your business by registering for only $50 today!

When you’re open to looking at ways to improve your business and take the time to self-reflect and practice self-awareness, you can open your eyes to a new vision in how to run business initiatives and develop close connections with your clients and team.

Ready to relieve your shoulders from carrying around that luggage?


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