Onboard With Ease

A 90 Day, week-by-week structure for onboarding therapists


So, you’ve hired a new therapist for your group therapy practice or you’re about to? 
This is an exciting step!

But what’s next?

The therapists that you hire are the backbone of a group therapy practice so it’s crucial that you don’t just hire the right ones—

But!—you also help them integrate into your practice.

Onboarding is more than just signing employment documents and giving them clients, it’s a process that can span over weeks.

Andthat also doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful, overwhelming process.

Onboard With Ease is a webinar giving you a week-by-week break down for onboarding newly hired therapists with confidence and ease.

As owners, the last thing we want to do is leave a new therapist on their own to figure out what needs to be done, but you also don’t want to add too many tasks to your plate and overwhelm yourself trying to successfully introduce them to the team.

Take the guesswork and overwhelm out of onboarding and let’s replace it with an effective, stress-free method.

Hiring a new therapist shouldn’t feel like an over-complicated task that piles on stress. 

It should be an exciting addition to your business and a sign of growth!

You can register to Onboard With Ease and get access for your week-by-week walkthrough of onboarding for only $27 today.

When you’re intentional and consistent with your onboarding, you not only help relieve yourself and your new therapist of stress, you also set your group therapy practice up for long-term success! 

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