FOMO : Group Practice Edition


FOMO, to the next level.

With social media being a big part of how we connect with other practice owners, learn and collaborate on our businesses, it’s easy to start comparing where you are in your business with where others are at in their businesses. Have you ever noticed yourself trotting along with your business, feeling good about where things are headed, when all of a sudden you see something another business owner is doing and start feeling inadequate as a business owner?

It’s a real thing, guys.

FOMO to the next level. Not only is this a phenomenon of personal life, feeling like you are missing out on events, memories, experiences, but now we feel is as entrepreneurs. Scrolling through Facebook pages and groups filled with practice owners doing this or that, things you haven’t tried, things you have tried that didn’t work out for your practice, just…’t.

How did he start his practice at the same time as me and now have 10 therapists under him, while I am at 2?


Nobody ever brings up losing clinicians, but just this year I have had two leave. Am I doing something wrong here?


How is she writing a book already? I can barely keep my things in order here.


Look at them have these great podcasts, I could never do that.


I wish I was as successful as XXX. Everyone knows her. She’s booking speaking engagements now. I must be doing something wrong.


I just saw XX is collaborating with other therapists and they all seem to know each other. Here I am trying to engage but I’m getting no traction.


Why am I not as good of a business person as some of these other people?

Were you thinking, “Oh man, I have thought many of these things!” Yes. Social media has been great for us to meet one another in what could be a very isolating business, but it has also come with some drawbacks. My point is to see the common humanity of it all. Almost all of us have felt this way, whether you are the million-dollar group practice owner or the practice owner hiring her first therapist. We are all in this together.

I’d like to leave you with a challenge. Take a look at what you feel your FOMO is about related to your business. Is there an underlying message? Maybe you have been holding back on taking a well-needed risk in your business. Or you notice that you haven’t been putting the effort forth that you have wanted. Or maybe you just realize you need to connect more with other like-minded business owners to jostle your creative mind. Whatever it is, step into that. We have all been at this place, and we ebb and flow through these spaces throughout our careers. Let’s use the power of social media in our businesses to connect and help one another grow.
FOMO : Group Practice Edition

Maureen Werrbach is a psychotherapist, group practice owner and group practice coach. Learn more about her coaching services here: LEARN MORE HERE


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